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MKH Computer Services have experience in working with a number of different web and PC based technologies.

  • HTML - Rather than using an HTML generation tool we prefer to code all of our web pages by hand. In this way we can produce easy to maintain, structured code that conforms to all of the current HTML standards
  • PHP - PHP is our preferred language for writing Server Side code. PHP has the advantage of being Open Source code so licensing costs are kept to a minimum, making it the fastest growing server side language on the internet.
  • MySQL - MySQL is a powerful, multi-user Relational database that is closely coupled to PHP. For web site developments it is our database of choice due to its power and flexibility. It is also well supported by the majority of web hosting companies.
  • CGI - Many existing web sites use CGI as their Server Side language. Although it is going out of favour as a language of choice, there is still a vast amount of CGI code still in use on the internet. We are able to modify or amend existing CGI scripts or to write new scripts as required.
  • JavaScript - JavaScript is a Client Side technology used for creating special effects on a users browser. We can develop custom made JavaScript code for any web based application, including validating user input, menu structures, and sophisticated visual effects.
  • ASP - ASP is the Microsoft's preferred language for developing Server Side code. As it integrates well with both Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access it is our language of choice when developing database applications using either of these two Relational database products.
  • Visual Basic - Visual Basic is a high level programming language used for developing Windows applications. Due to its speed of development and compliance with the Microsoft Windows architecture it is the ideal tool for us to develop PC applications.
  • C++ - C++ is a powerful, low level language that can be used for just about any programming task on any operating system. Our extensive experience in programming in C++ can be used to develop software for any of your programming needs.
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